Shipping and return policies for Requiem Pour Un Twister

Shipping Info
quality cardbox sender, shipping worldwide with NO TRACKING
- we send the records sealed, if you want them unsealed to avoid seam splits, just add a note while ordering.
- for various reasons, WE CAN'T PROVIDE TRACKING. Thanks to our good international distribution network, it's quite easy to find our records at professional mail order services that can often provide tracking (Amazon, HHV, Rough Trade, Disk Union, Juno, Norman Records, FNAC...). If you absolutly need tracking, then I recommend you to check them.

FYI : we don't have anymore VAT number so we rised a bit the prices of the records.

Dear shop owners, you can find our records through :
Kartel Music Group (UK) and partners :
Modulor (France)
Proper (UK)
Indigo (Germany)
Compact (Portugal)
Heathen Native (Greece)
Bertus (rest of Europe)
Alliance Ent. (USA)
Propagande (Canada)
Disk Union (Japan)

You can also find some various records (including sometimes sold-out ones) on our discogs profile :
Return Policy
No return